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 Fall Pre-retreat Prayer Times

All to be held at the home of

Mike and Lisa Davis

Call 260-410-5109 for more information

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WOW Watches

For every retreat, we ask our pray-ers to sign up for a time to pray for a certain "watch"- a designated time of prayer for certain events/topics we are going through throughout the retreat

Watchmen on the Wall ~ Prayer Watches


Watch # 1 – Thursday Day and Evening – Team Preparation - Our Deeper Still Team spends the day packing up our cars, driving to the lodge and then setting up.  We need a lot of strength, energy, grace and organization.  Thursday evening, we eat dinner together.  Then after dinner we spend the night preparing ourselves for the retreat.  We do a prayer march around the grounds.  We also pray through the lodge and over each bed.  We then spend time in worship, ministry to each other, and Karen gives an exhortation and final instructions.  As a team we need to be bound together in love, unity, faith and purpose.  We also need protection and health.


Watch # 2 – Friday Evening – Our participants share their stories.  For many, this is the first time anyone has asked to hear their story and the first time they have had the courage to be vulnerable about their hidden secrets and shame. For this time, we are all comfy and cozy in front of a fireplace with hot chocolate.


Watch # 3 – Saturday Morning 10:00 – 12:30 – We do a teaching on Isaiah 53.  We cover the sufficiency of the cross and what the suffering, stripes, and blood of Jesus did for us.  We lead them through a powerful prayer time of forgiveness and breaking shame.


Watch # 4 – Saturday Afternoon 1:15 – 2:30 pm – During this time, we walk the participants through a tangible way to grieve for their aborted child(ren) and to experience reconciliation with these children.  We also place the “Mother Mantle” (a symbolic robe) on the Mother, reaffirming her motherhood, and a “Father Mantle” (a huge, strong staff) reaffirming their Father’s heart and roles as leaders. This section is particularly important as their hearts connect with this powerful time of healing.


Watch # 5 – Saturday Afternoon 2:30 – 6:30 pm – During this time, we minister individually with the participants.  We take them through prayers to bring down spiritual strongholds that still hold them captive.  We also offer her a prayer time for spiritual encouragement.  This one-on-one time gives the participants very personal attention.


Watch # 6 – Saturday Evening 7:30 – 10:00 pm - By Saturday evening, the participants have shed off so much weight that they are ready to rejoice and dance (with a little modeling from us). They not only have a new-found freedom, but they now have a new level of faith to ask the Lord to restore all that the locust has eaten.  Just 24 hours earlier, they could never have imaged this night.


Watch # 7 – Sunday Morning 8:30 – 11:00 – The Memorial Service – This memorial service is more beautiful than I can describe, but through it our participants can make a final exchange.  The Lord gives beauty for ashes, the oil of gladness instead of mourning, and a mantle of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  In addition, these Mothers and Fathers can finally memorialize and honor the children with whom they have now been reconciled.


Watch # 8 – Rear Guard, starting Sunday Afternoon – until the following Sunday

The week following the retreat is also a vulnerable time for both participants and for the team, but maybe even more so for the team.  It seems like we are the first line of defense standing in front of the participants, so the enemy seeks to launch a counter attack.  We are not ignorant of his schemes though, nor are we afraid of him.  But we do need others to pray defensive prayers on our behalf and for our families.  Please ask the Lord to bring us to your mind throughout the week, and as He does, just lift a prayer of protection and victory for us.


If you can participate in any of these 8 watches, you will have touched the least of these.  You will have also blessed and strengthened God’s army of daughters and sons.  Thank you!

WOW=Watchman on the Wall